Koelnmesse: Top managers' contracts extended ahead of schedule

Supervisory Board approves contracts of Katharina C. Hamma and Herbert Marner until 2021

At its most recent meeting, the Koelnmesse Supervisory Board extended the contracts of Executive Board members Katharina C. Hamma and Herbert Marner ahead of schedule for a further five years until 2021.

"Through this unanimous decision of the Supervisory Board we are safeguarding continuity in the Executive Board," said the Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board, Kirsten Jahn. "Koelnmesse is on a growth course and is posting extremely successful development. These processes have been energetically driven in recent years by the Executive Board under the leadership of Gerald Böse."

Fiscal 2013 was the most successful year in the company's history. In the current year, Koelnmesse once again expects to set new records and post turnover of over Euro
300 million.

Katharina C. Hamma has been on the Koelnmesse Executive Board since 2011. In her capacity as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), she is responsible for all the events staged by Koelnmesse GmbH in Cologne. Katharina C. Hamma has played a major role in the positive development of the trade fair portfolio in Cologne and the significant improvement of the company's business results. Koelnmesse's Chief Financial Officer, Herbert Marner, has been closely involved in the modernisation and restructuring of the exhibition grounds. The Koelnmesse 3.0 investment program is sustainably creating the most attractive inner-city exhibition centre in the world.

"I'm delighted by this confirmation, and I'm convinced that we are well equipped to continue our chosen course with the entire Koelnmesse team," said Katharina C. Hamma. Herbert Marner also expressed his thanks to the members of the Supervisory Board. "We must take advantage of our current success and forge ahead with our infrastructure and digitisation projects in the years ahead," he said.

You can find more information about Koelnmesse's modernisation program here: http://www.koelnmesse.com/Koelnmesse/The-Company/Koelnmesse-3.0/index.php.

All the photographs for this press release can be viewed in the Koelnmesse image database: http://www.koelnmesse.com/Koelnmesse/Press/Image-Database/Portraits/index.php



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