The new dimension of experience in trade fairs

In 2015, Koelnmesse experienced the most successful year in its history, setting out for new dimensions.

From a secret to a wildfire - the movie

__ The city trade fair in the heart of Europe


Apart from its importance to industries, exhibitors and visitors, with each event it hosts, Koelnmesse also provides lasting economic impetus for the Cologne metropolitan area and constitutes an important image factor. That is why it remains a declared goal to carry the exhibition themes out into the city. For visitors who find imm cologne, gamescom, photokina or INTERMOT Cologne here, a unique, holistic experience offers itself, an experience that is unforgettable and motivates them to return. One hotel guest in two, for instance, has come to the city for the Cologne trade fairs and congresses. The boom in own and guest events ensures sustained, positive development: Koelnmesse generates EUR 1.11 billion in annual sales and secures 11,392 full-time positions. Nationwide, Koelnmesse actually provides 18,502 jobs and sales of EUR 2.02 billion.

__ Leadership role with potential


With the leading international trade fairs Anuga and imm cologne, Koelnmesse documents its claim to leadership of competence fields of food and furniture. As flagship events for international networks, trade fairs in Cologne open up new prospects for exhibitors and visitors alike. High-powered events such as gamescom and dmexco define a leading position in digital entertainment as well. Trade fairs such as the International Dental Show IDS or the garden fair spoga+gafa are themselves the No.1 in their industries. Worldwide, Koeln-messe organises 19 events for food and food technology, and 14 shows in the growth segment of furniture, living and lifestyle. Koelnmesse takes its leadership role seriously – all over the world.

__ Global network with international trade fair programme


The best result in the history of Koelnmesse owes to the dedication of more than 700 highly motivated employees worldwide. Nearly 50,000 exhibiting companies from 123 countries, and around 3 million visitors from 209 countries, regularly participate in the events here and make Koelnmesse the leading organiser of trade fairs in 25 industries. With 9 foreign subsidiaries and sales partners in more than 100 key markets, the network has a global presence. This offers customers the best conditions for attracting international markets for themselves while at the same time ensuring the internationalisation of trade fairs and events in Cologne. Around 25 outbound fairs in 10 countries are on the programme of Koelnmesse; this is supplemented by participation in an average of another 18 trade fairs held in the leading international target markets. The global interest is great: Around 23,000 journalists provide coverage of Koelnmesse and its events.

__ Transformation to the trade fair company of the future


The experience value of fairs, functions and events is becom-ing increasingly important. With the world’s sixth-largest trade fair complex and professional expertise, Koelnmesse offers best conditions for the impressive showcasing and presentation of companies and products. The surplus from the record year 2015, together with the future profits expected, will flow entirely into the Koelnmesse 3.0 investment programme, into further development of events at home and abroad, into services for exhibitors and visitors, and into the digitisation of the complex. The transformation to the trade fair company of the future ensures that, in future, Koelnmesse will continue to rank among the Top Ten in the global exhibition industry.

__ Expansion into innovation markets, in Cologne and worldwide


Identifying and developing innovation markets is one of the Koelnmesse specialists' core competencies. For example: digital entertainment: Constant monitoring and analysis of the market and the strategic occupation of the themes of tomorrow have brought the leading international trade fair for the digital economy dmexco - as well as gamescom, the world's largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games - to the business location of Cologne. Today, Cologne is the European capital for digital fairs, with the ranks of exhibitors and visitors growing from year to year. Take food technology, for instance: This sector is a classic example of the expansion in Cologne's topics of the future - currently with eight events in six countries.