Premiere of the Audi A8 in the "South Cube"

The premiere party entitled "The Art of progress" for the new Audi A8 was held at the Cologne Exhibition Center. In order to make the Exhibition Center palatable to the automobile giant, Koelnmesse Ausstellungen GmbH temporarily changed the name of the South Entrance to the "South Cube" for a very good reason: In addition to the presentation of the new Audi model, Cubist art was the subject of the event. "Audi made it clear right from the very beginning that it did not want to present the new Audi A8 in an exhbition hall. This was a great incentive for us to impress Audi with our Exhibition Center through the use of creativity and a perfectly matched conception", said Sandra Orth, General Manager of Koelnmesse Ausstellungen GmbH.

This also included the idea of changing the rather functional name "South Entrance" to "South Cube".

South Cube

The South Entrance was almost unrecognizable to the 350 invited VIP guests. Thanks to the purposeful use of decorations and light, the cube was transformed into a delightful gala area. "The art in staging such an event is to clearly show the companies the strength of our complex in advance. We therefore create entirely new space ideas. By using a well thought-out concept, an entrance lobby of a passage that appears austere a first glance ca be truned into an event venue for a film prize presentation or a glamorous dance evening", said Sandra Orth.

Premiere in the "South Cube"

South Cube

Audi presented the new A8 in a total of eight cities, including Munich, Berlin and Leipzig. However, Cologne was the only city where the trade fair company managed to acquire this contracts.