Premium pop in the car park

Music instead of cars: There was not a single car on level 4 of the car park at the Cologne Trade Fair Center - but an enormous stage. With a view of the cathedral in Cologne and the sunset, a pop concert was held as part of the Telekom Street Gigs, which made Phoenix fans gush not only at their idols but also at the unique location.

car park

A view of the popular group, cathedral, sunset and the panorama of one of Germany's most beautiful cities all at once the perfect way to enjoy music and chill! The fact that the group played on a huge parking level gave the French electro-popper Phoenix's concert in Cologne its very own street flair.

"Street Gigs" is the name of the range of Telekom-sponsored concerts which only take place at unexpected locations where one would not normally assume a concert to take place. And true to this motto, Koelnmesse Ausstellungen, as requested b the Telekom agency Do-it, developed a concert which could noct have been more stringent. In the triangle between the motorway approach road, Zoobrücke (Zoo bridge) and the trade fair centre, the packed stairway above the concrete stairway, tru to its original style, was already full of street flair.The visitors climed a long-drawn ramp from the first parking level up until they saw the 10,000 square metre car park level - and on over 10 metre wide stage at the end and the spectacular panorama in the background.

Open Air Concert

car park

The visitors thought the location of the first Telekom Street Gig on the Cologne trade fair grounds as "really cool". And comments such as "Wicked, I'd never have imagined it beeing so great" were to be heard again and again. And Koelnmesse Ausstellungen hopes after the sweeping events of recent weeks to hear these comments again soon and to be able to fofer unusual and very flexible event locations. They are all impressive.