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Sustainability and responsibility
Consistently improving - sustainability as a way of life

Sustainability is a way of life for the company. Business activity is consistently balanced with social and ecological considerations. This is expressed in a holistic sustainability concept that defines, prioritises and sets the framework for key issues aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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We collectively contribute to the protection of our environment and our climate.

Our goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions associated with our business activities as well as in the areas of logistics and mobility. By implementing efficient energy management and switching to renewable energies, we will achieve climate neutrality by 2035 in line with the goals of the City of Cologne.


We collectively make our events more sustainable.

At our events, we provide sectors with a platform for the topic of sustainability and promote the exchange of knowledge. We adhere to a high standard of sustainability when selecting our service providers. We highly value sustainable materials and products for services such as stand construction and catering. We conserve resources and emphasise a circular economy, recycling and waste avoidance.


We collectively promote social and community involvement.

We form partnerships with our customers and other stakeholders for a socially and ecologically responsible society. We will take an active part in cross-sector initiatives and support the volunteer work of our employees. We support our staff with regard to health, further training and equal opportunities.

Developing a sustainability strategy

"Koelnmesse has set out on a path of comprehensive sustainability. We are embarking on this path strategically on our own initiative and there is still a lot to be accomplished."

Gerald Böse, President and Chief Executive Officer

The next important steps include finalisation and adoption of our sustainability strategy. As part of this process, our working groups will define ambitious milestones to drive the strategy forward in concrete terms.

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Role models for sustainable environmental action

Only the future-oriented trade fairs achieve their economic, social and ecological goals. That is why we are redesigning many service areas. The first concrete implementations in the areas of environment, society and economy have been realised. Further measures are being implemented or are planned. You can see here which role models we have, how we implement them and what benefits we expect from them.

Marketing the city

As a key factor in the regional economy, Koelnmesse promotes Cologne as a business location.

Economic development and city marketing

No Copy! – Originals only!

Koelnmesse is combating product piracy at its trade fairs through its “No copy! – Originals only!” campaign.

No Copy

Anticorruption guideline

The anticorruption guideline ensures the legally and ethically correct handling of favours in daily business operations.

Anticorruption giudeline


Targeted security measures at fairs and events of the Koelnmesse.


Koelnmesse on social media

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