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News about the Corona virus

Dear Customers and Partners of Koelnmesse,

The consequences of the corona virus, which is meanwhile occurring almost worldwide, are also affecting Koelnmesse’s events. The health of all trade fair participants, customers, partners and our employees is paramount. We are taking the current concerns of all our participants very seriously.

In order to provide early clarity for all participants in our trade fairs and all partners and service providers by the end of June 2020, Koelnmesse has decided not to hold any Koelnmesse events on the part of Koelnmesse during this period. The joint guidelines of the German federal government and the federal states, which now explicitly include the general closure of trade fairs and exhibitions, would otherwise further impair the planning security for all parties involved. With these measures, we are setting the course for the next trade fair dates at an early stage and give our exhibitors the opportunity to exert an appropriate influence on their current trade fair preparations. Our decision is supported by the crisis management team of the City of Cologne, which also recommended in its meeting on 18 March 2020 that the trade fairs be cancelled during this period.

The following applies to all Koelnmesse events starting in July 2020: The measures in Germany are adjusted almost daily, which has an impact on the requirements and recommendations of the authorities, including those for the staging of trade fairs. In particular, it is currently not possible to foresee the terminability for all measures. For this reason, Koelnmesse will continue the preparations for the trade fairs from July 2020 onwards at the planned time with a sense of proportion and continue to evaluate the situation on a permanent basis. We will make all decisions for or against the implementation of the trade fairs as early as possible and, of course, inform all parties involved immediately.

International trade fairs will play a decisive role in the post-corona era in showing the participating industries the solutions and trends for a successful future again. Production, logistics, sales and communication will change, networking of the players, reactivation of economic relationships and the establishment of new business will be more important than ever before. It is essential for all market participants to actively prepare for this now.

We understand that you currently have many questions for us. Due to the huge number of inquiries, we kindly ask for your understanding if our response is somewhat delayed. We are making every effort to assist you with your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Which trade fairs are affected in Cologne?

The following changes currently apply to the trade fair ground in Cologne:

  • INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE (originally 01.03. to 04.03.2020) has been postponed to 21.02. to 24.02.2021.
  • h+h cologne, International Trade Fair for Creative Handicraft + Hobby Supplies (originally 20.03. to 22.03 2020), has been postponed to 26.03. to 28.03.2021.
  • insureNXT | CGN (originally 21. bis 22.04.2020) is cancelled, next date will be 21. to 22.04.2021.
  • ART COLOGNE (originally 23 to 26.04.2020) will be postponed to 19. to 22.11.2020 and will take place in Cologne parallel to COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN.
  • photokina (originally 27. bis 30.05.2020) is cancelled, next date will be 18. to 21.05.2022.
  • Imaging Innovation Conference (originally 26.05.2020) is cancelled, a new date is in coordination.
  • PerMediCon (originally 09. to 10.06.2020) is cancelled, next date will be in November 2020.
  • THE TIRE COLOGNE (originally 09. bis 12.06.2020) will be postponed to 18. to 20.05.2021.
  • CCXP COLOGNE (originally 26. bis 28.06.2020) is cancelled, next date will be 25. to 27.06.2021.

The organizers of several guest trade fairs have also decided to postpone their events to a later date, or not to hold them at all:

  • IAW (originally 10.03. to 12.03.2020) will also be made up for at a later date.
  • EMV (originally 17.03. to 19.03.2020) will not take place.
  • FIBO, Leading International Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness & Health, (originally 02.04. to 05.04.2020) will now be held from 01.10. to 04.10.2020.
  • ANGA COM (originally 12. to 14.05.2020) has been postponed to 08. to 10.06.2021.
  • Chemspec Europe (originally 27. to 28.05.2020) has been postponed to 11. to 12.11.2020
  • Plastic Free World Conference & Expo (originally 16. to 17.06.2020) has been postponed to 09. bis 10.11.2020.
  • iVT Expo (originally 24. to 25.06.2020) has been postponed tp 14. to 15.10.2020.

Should you have further questions about guest events, please contact the organiser concerned.

A current overview of the trade fairs in Cologne can be found in our calendar of events .

Which Koelnmesse trade fairs are affected outside Germany?

The following changes currently apply to our events outside Germany:

  • EmTech ASIA in Singapore (originally 25.02. to 26.02.2020) will be postponed to 04.08. to 05.08.2020.
  • MIECF in China (originally 26.03. to 28.03.2020) has been cancelled.
  • interzum guangzhou in China (originally 28.03. to 31.03.2020) will be postponed; a new date will be announced.
  • ANUFOOD China 2020 (originally 15.04. to 17.04.2020) has been postponed to 08.07. to 10.07.2020.
  • Wine & Gourmet Japan (originally 15. to 17.04.2020) has been postponed to 14. to 16.04.2021.
  • ChemProTech India (originally 16.04. to 17.04.2020) has been postponed to 19.08. to 20.08.2020.
  • FIT 0/16 und Pueri Expo in Brazil (originally 23. to 26.04.2020) are postponed to 04. to 07.08.2020.
  • IDEM Singapore (originally 24. to 26.04.2020) is also not able to take place at the new date (19. to 21.06.2020). This year a digital solution is offered.
  • THAIFEX - Anuga Asia in Thailand (originally 26. to 30.05.2020) is postponed to 22. to 26.09.2020.
  • interzum bogotá in Columbia (originally 26. to 29.05.2020) is postponed to 24. bis 27.11.2020.
  • DAMA in Singapore (originally 09. to 10.10..2020) is postponed to 2022.

You can find an up-to-date overview of the trade fairs in Cologne in our calendar of events.

Which preventive measures is Koelnmesse taking at future events?

We are taking all useful preventive measures at our trade fair complex and will inform and assist all trade fair participants, both before and during the event. In the sanitary facilities and at central points of the trade fair complex, we are providing additional disinfectant dispensers and inform about sensible hygiene measures, e.g. how to wash your hands properly. Highly frequented areas of the grounds are also cleaned more frequently. Qualified doctors and paramedics at our first-aid centres are prepared for possible cases of suspected infection and available on site to answer any questions you may have. Should a suspected case arise during the event, all spatial and organisational precautions have been taken at the trade fair complex to allow remedial steps to be taken immediately.

Where can I get more information about the Corona virus?

As of 01.04.2020