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A view of all industries

How is the dental industry developing in Singapore, what are the global trends in mobility and is it worth adding a segment to a trade fair? Interns in Corporate Development are focussing on these and similar questions. They are supported in finding the answers to these questions by Group Leader Jörg Clevenz and his Market Analysis and Price Management team. Because this team is familiar with all industries, from nutrition to interior design. The five-member group conducts market analyses and systematic market research and provides all trade fairs with up-to-date insider knowledge on every sector. This includes country profiles and competition analyses as well as evaluations of exhibitor and visitor surveys. "If those responsible in the nutrition sector are considering entering the South American market, for example, they ask my team for market, industry and competition analyses. We then research existing statistics, press material and other Internet sources and use this as a basis to create analyses that support decision-making," explains Clevenz. Since 2015, Jörg Clevenz has been coordinating all projects as Group Leader and distributing the tasks within the team, but he also prepares the requested market analyses himself together with his colleagues. "In addition to project-related market research and market analyses, we also take care of special tasks such as coordinating exhibitor and visitor surveys. In doing so, we act as an interface between service providers and directors and manage the communication between them". Since December 2017, the team has also being accompanying the development of pricing for square meters or admission, supporting the pricing processes in coordination with the directors and business unit managers of the respective trade fair.

Invisible influence

Although Jörg Clevenz and his team tend to conduct their work in the background, it plays a very specific role in helping to shape the future of the trade fairs. "Concepts are drawn up for trade fairs in new sectors or markets on the basis of our analyses. This was the case, for example, when we entered the Colombian market," explains Clevenz. However, the team's work is not only based on figures and statistics: "In order to capture trends and current topics and include them in our analysis, our eyes and ears are always open in all directions".