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Hand in hand

Is the applicant suitable for the position? What skills does he or she require? How can he or she support the team? hese are some of the questions Thomas Blaumeiser asks in order to select suitable applicants for Koelnmesse. He often doesn't receive specific answers until the job interview. "As well as the professional qualification, which is of interest to the future manager, the authenticity of the applicant is important to me. I want to know who the person sitting opposite me really is," says the Human Resources officer. Viewing applications and conducting job interviews − Thomas Blaumeiser does all this and far more in his everyday work. "Searching for personnel is a big topic, but after an applicant has been employed, we of course provide them with long-term support. On top of this are numerous projects such as the implementation of a new applicant tool," says Thomas, summarizing his tasks.

Variety in everyday work

It is precisely this diversity that makes Blaumeiser love his job so much − and his colleague Katharina Baur feels the same way: "I enjoy not knowing in the morning what to expect during the day: Will employees and managers need my advice? Will questions about collective agreements need answered? Or will the focus be on labor law issues? These kinds of activities make our work tangible for the employees," reports Baur. A positive working atmosphere is very important to Baur and Blaumeiser. "After all, one of the reasons I chose to move to Koelnmesse was the fact that the interview was so friendly and open," explains Baur. A first impression that was later confirmed. "Everyone works hand in hand here. Our applicants are also aware of this". This makes work easier for the Human Resources officers − because the good atmosphere helps them to convince the applicants of the company. "The applicants should get to know us just as authentically as we would like to get to know them".

In order to further strengthen this authenticity, the Human Resources department also implemented the "Employees recruit employees" concept. The idea: Koelnmesse employees recommend specific positions to friends and family members. "Once the applicant has passed the probationary period, a bonus is paid out to the person who recommended the new colleague," says Blaumeiser, explaining the principle from which the company and the employee benefit equally. "In this way, all colleagues can support us in our search for new employees."

More efficient processes

The Human Resources officers make the application process as efficient as possible. "In 2018, we introduced a new applicant management system," says Blaumeiser. The result: more user-friendliness, greater transparency and faster processing. "As a result, we were able to shorten processing times." According to Blaumeiser and Baur, this is just the beginning. "We see ourselves as consultants for applicants and as internal service providers. For Koelnmesse employees, we are contact partners for all personnel-related questions. That's why the administration should run as smoothly as possible," says Baur. This is precisely why the team is working on digitalized processes for the future – for example, a learning platform that gives employees central access to learning content and allows them to integrate learning into their daily work.