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House and Ground Regulations of Koelnmesse for the Cologne Trade Fair Grounds

1. These house and grounds regulations apply to all areas of the trade fair grounds in Cologne, i.e. all halls, outdoor areas and all buildings and grounds which have been let to Koelnmesse either temporarily or permanently. They apply to all persons who enter or spend time on the trade fair grounds in Cologne as defined above.

2. The domestic authority is exercised within the trade fair grounds in Cologne by the staff of Koelnmesse and/or the staff of the security companies employed by Koelnmesse.

3. Koelnmesse has the right to limit access to the trade fair grounds – and in particular to the halls – to exhibitors, visitors and other third parties, e.g. to allow access to trade visitors only and to monitor adherence to the admission conditions. The halls and other event areas may be entered only by those persons holding a valid admission ticket. This ticket must be shown on demand. Diverging access regulations – for exhibitors and companies working within the Cologne trade fair grounds in particular – are not affected by this regulation.

4. Children and young people below the age of 16 may enter the grounds during an event only when accompanied by an adult. Special notification will be given of diverging regulations. Adults and young people over the age of 16 enjoy unrestricted admission. Children below the age of six are admitted free of charge. An appropriate admission ticket must be purchased in all other cases. Eventrelated special regulations such as ‘for trade visitors only’ are not affected by this regulation. Children and young people below the age of 16 who are not trainees of a company working on the trade fair grounds during the stand construction and stand dismantling periods are not permitted to enter the grounds during these periods.

5. The staff of Koelnmesse or the staff of the security companies employed by Koelnmesse who can identify themselves as such are permitted to check tickets at the trade fair grounds. Those found on the grounds without a valid admission ticket or other access authorisation, or those who are found on the grounds without permission, must leave the grounds immediately.

6. As part of Koelnmesse’s security concept, video surveillance is carried out at the exhibition centre.

7. Koelnmesse has the right to prohibit individuals from carrying bags and other containers with them inside the exhibition centre. For reasons of general security and the prevention of theft, bags and other containers that individuals carry with them are subject to spot checks or comprehensive checks at the entrances and exits of the exhibition centre. By entering the exhibition centre, people who carry bags or other containers with them give their consent to have these bags and containers checked.

8. Persons enter/drive onto the trade fair grounds at their own risk.Within the scope of the law, Koelnmesse excludes any liability. The provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply. Unless traffic conditions make it necessary to drive at a walking pace, the speed limit is 30 km per hour. Koelnmesse has the right to impose pedestrian and vehicular access limits on the trade fair grounds, to refuse access or control access in any other way it deems fit.

9. Koelnmesse is liable only in cases of gross negligence and malicious intent, regardless of the legal grounds. In cases of simple negligence, Koelnmesse is only liable:

  • For damages that affect anyone’s life, health or physical well-being.
  • For damages resulting from a breach of a basic contractual obligation (obligations that make the orderly implementation of the contract possible in the first place, and the observance of which the parties to the contract regularly rely on and can expect to rely on).

In such a case, Koelnmesse’s liability is limited to the compensation of the foreseeable, typically occurring damage. Liability for untypical, indirect or consequential damages is excluded.

10. All kinds of vehicles and other items may be parked or deposited in those areas specifically set aside for loading and unloading. Escape routes, fire brigade approach routes and fire brigade deployment areas must be kept free at all times. When depositing interchangeable open bodies or containers, measures must be taken to prevent them from sinking into the tarred surface. The owner/operator is liable for damage without proof of fault. Vehicles, containers etc. which have been deposited illegally will be moved or towed away at the expense of the owner/keeper or perpetrator.

11. It is forbidden to act in any way which risks interrupting the regular progress of the event, the construction or the dismantling, or to violate the interests of Koelnmesse in any way. This includes the following in particular:

  • every business activity not permitted on the trade fair grounds, in particular the sale of objects and services of all kinds or their distribution free of charge;
  • the unauthorised distribution or posting of flyers, advertising material, posters, magazines etc. as well as the attachment of stickers of any kind; the same applies if the aforementioned material is distributed by Deutsche Post AG or comparable companies and organisations as bulk mailings or in similar fashion;
  • the presence of animals;
  • the pollution of the hall or outdoor areas as well as any behaviour which could endanger or pollute the environment;
  • the unauthorised entry of vehicles onto the trade fair grounds and the unauthorised use of vehicles on the trade fair grounds;
  • the use of bicycles, scooters, kickboards, roller skates, inline skates, skateboards and similar means of transport on the Boulevard and in the halls, buildings and connecting levels; exceptions will be announced separately;
  • unauthorised assemblies and processions of all kinds;
  • the carrying of weapons and other objects which must be registered, or of hazardous substances and the like;
  • the direct sale, purchase or exchange of exhibits and other objects; exceptions will be announced separately;
  • being present at the trade fair grounds outside the specified opening hours.

12. Photography, filming, video recording, drawing, painting etc. for commercial purposes requires the prior written authorisation of Koelnmesse and – in those cases involving stands or products belonging to exhibitors or other third parties, or concerning persons – the prior written permission of the holder of the rights. Koelnmesse has the right to impose more stringent regulations in this regard.

13. Koelnmesse staff or companies or persons working on behalf of Koelnmesse who take photographs, film and/or record videos at the trade fair grounds in Cologne for the purpose of creating reports or advertising must not be disturbed or prevented from doing their work. All persons who enter the fair grounds and spend time there are informed by the house and grounds regulations of the fact that photos will be taken and films and videos recorded on the trade fair grounds in Cologne. By entering the grounds, those people who can be identified in these photos or recordings consent to the use of this material for reports and for advertising purposes.

14. Surveys, statistical studies and other comparable activities are subject to prior written permission of Koelnmesse.

15. Koelnmesse has the right to limit the use of transmitting and receiving equipment on the trade fair grounds.

16. Exhibits, stand inventory or parts of display equipment and similar objects may be transported within the trade fair halls or out of the fairgrounds only if the right to do so has been determined by the presentation of a written confirmation from the owner/keeper.

17. Objects found on the trade fair grounds must be brought to the Lost and Found office located at Messewache (security office) North or East. Lost objects can be collected from these offices. Concluding regulations: Should any person act in breach of these house regulations or any other provisions laid down by Koelnmesse, the latter reserves the right to evict that person from the trade fair grounds or bar that person from entering the grounds for a certain period or permanently. Breaches of the Conditions of Participation may result in exclusion from participation in the current event or from participation in future events. The measures listed in these house regulations do not exclude the possibility of criminal prosecution.

As of September 2020

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