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Final Report ART COLOGNE 2013: Strong showing across the board

  • Over 55,000 visitors
  • Top international gallery line-up - Broad range of high-calibre artworks
  • Gallerists report solid sales

ART COLOGNE has underscored the Fair's position in the world's premier league of fine art fairs. The Fair - also known as the Internationaler Kunstmarkt - is now in its 47th year. It closed its gates on 22 April. Organizers and dealers pronounced themselves upbeat and well satisfied. ART COLOGNE Director Daniel Hug said: 'The strategic route we've taken - quality enhancement and more quality enhancement - has paid off decisively. The 2013 edition has put us back in the premier league of international art fairs.' The Fair hosted an impressive line-up of first-time exhibitors and a high-calibre contingent of returnees. First-timers numbered: Helga de Alvear (Madrid); Paul Andriesse (Amsterdam); Bugada & Cargnel (Paris); Habana (Havana); Klosterfelde (Berlin); Christine König (Vienna); Krinzinger (Vienna); Giò Marconi (Milan); Marlborough Contemporary (London); Moeller Fine Art (New York/Berlin); Mark Müller (Zurich); David Nolan (New York); Oriol (Barcelona); Peres Projects (Berlin); Tanit (Munich/Beirut); Axel Vervoordt (Antwerp); and Fons Welters (Amsterdam). High-profile returnees included Karsten Greve (Cologne/St. Moritz/Paris); Hauser & Wirth (Zurich /London/New York); Annely Juda (London); Thaddaeus Ropac (Paris/Salzburg); Michael Werner (Cologne); and David Zwirner (New York/London). The high calibre of the gallery presentations and the breadth and quality of the artworks drew over 55,000 visitors. A large proportion were collectors, curators and museum specialists. Many were from outside Germany. Feedback from galleries and dealers was upbeat, emphasizing how actively interested, well-informed and eager to buy the visitors were.

'We had a really good vernissage,' said Veronique Ansorge from the New York-based gallery David Zwirner. 'The public is far more international.' Ansorge has an early painting by Neo Rauch with a price-tag of $1.4m on reserve. The Swiss gallerist Thomas Salis said: 'It was the best ART COLOGNE for 15 years.' Arne Ehmann of Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac was enthusiastic, saying: 'Collectors were really out in force.' The gallery sold a charcoal drawing by Richard Longo ($275,000) to a Stuttgart museum and a work by Andreas Slominski (EUR 44,000) to a Rotterdam museum. Ropac also found a buyer for Jack Pierson's neon word-sculpture titled 'Yes' and has a work by James Rosenquist on reserve. 'We'll definitely be back', says Ehmann. Cologne-based gallerist Christian Nagel was equally impressed: 'It was the best ART COLOGNE since 1991', he said. 'Talk about art has always been important in Cologne,' said Klaus Gerrit Friese, 'and it's something you'll only find here. Vibrant art talk was matched by vibrant turnover.'

The mood was positive at the Hauser & Wirth stand. The gallery was pleased with the lively interest in work by Philipp Vandenberg. It sold a number of his works on paper and paintings at prices between EUR 20,000 and EUR 60,000. A Rhineland museum expressed interest in a 20-minute film fragment by Christoph Schlingensief. Munich dealer Raimund Thomas lauded the Fair for its homogeneity and said the public was 'better than in the last couple of years.' Thomas reserved a sculpture by George Segal titled 'Woman in Armchair' ($485,000) for a collector. Rosali Wiesheu of Galerie Klüser was very satisfied: 'The opening was spectacular and we went on to have a brilliant run,' she said. She praised the Cologne public: 'In Cologne you can really get into serious talks with visitors.' And there was a positive verdict too from Düsseldorf-based gallerist Klaus Schwarzer: 'It's a great fair,' he said. 'ART COLOGNE has made a quantum leap, everyone's doing their bit to ensure the Fair gets back to where it once was.' Schwarzer sold work by Markus Lüpertz, Gerhard Richter and Lucio Fontana. 'Even by half time, we had done really well,' said the Düsseldorf dealer Manuel Ludorff. 'Many collectors have come a long way to visit ART COLOGNE, that's especially noticeable this year.' Ludorff's sales included a collage by Max Ernst to a private collector and work by Gerhard Richter, Christopher Lehmpfuhl and Karin Kneffel.

'This year we've had more interesting clients than ever before at our stand. I have a feeling we're into a sharp upturn,' said Munich gallerist Hans Maulberger.

'We're seeing new opportunities in Cologne in terms of the collecting public,' said the Viennese gallerist Klaus Thoman. And Christine König, also Vienna-based, agreed: 'German collectors need to be looked after.' König sold work by Jimmie Durham and did well with work by the young artist Valentin Ruhry. Sies + Höke from Düsseldorf reported excellent sales to regional and international collectors. 'Cologne is a very important trade fair venue for curators and museum specialists,' said Innsbruck-based dealer Bernd Kugler. Gallery owner Barbara Gross from Munich also noted 'considerable museum interest' and was pleased with the large turnout of curators from the Rhineland. 'We've acquired a lot of new clients,' reported Iris Maczollek of Galerie Schmidt Maczollek in Cologne. Maczollek's sales included works by David Reed priced at $95,000 and $100,000, and a number of oil paintings by Steffen Lenk.

The younger galleries exhibiting in the NADA section were generally pleased with results. Bischoff Projects found a buyer for a large-format photowork by Ryan McGinley ($40,000) and sold work by Michael Riedel. 'We're super happy,' said Larissa Bischoff. She made new contacts, especially with two important overseas collectors. Cologne-based DREI did good business with abstract fabric works by Anna Virnich and pigment prints by Christian Freudenberger. Power, a Hamburg gallery, sold a large Carola Ernst canvas (EUR 5,200) and five works by Stefan Pfeiffer. Cologne-based Blanket did well with all their artists. The gallery sold eight works by Johannes Bendzulla. The two New York-based galleries Derek Eller and Martos made plenty of new contacts and lauded the knowledgeable and enthusiastic public. Florian Weingrüll from Karlsruhe echoed their comments.

ART COLOGNE Prizes:The ART COLOGNE-Preis für Kunstvermittlung is an annual prize awarded jointly by Koelnmesse and the Bundesverband Deutscher Galerien und Kunsthändler (BVDG). The prize ceremony is traditionally held on the first day of the Fair. Worth EUR 10,000, this year's ART COLOGNE Prize went to the leading Munich gallerist Fred Jahn.

The AUDI Art Award for NEW POSITIONS is also awarded annually. Funded by AUDI, the award goes to the young artist with the best work in the field of young artists showcased in the 'NEW POSITIONS' section. The winner is selected by an independent panel. The award is worth EUR 10,000 and includes a solo show of the young artist's work at the Cologne artothek. This year's winner was the Czech artist Zbyněk Baladrán with his striking video installation titled 'Assemblages against Essences'. Baladrán is represented by the Paris-based gallery Jocelyn Wolff.

The 2013 MAURICE LACROIX ART AWARD for NEW CONTEMPORARIES went to the Chicago gallery Corbett vs. Dempsey. The award is given to the young gallery with the best show in the field of young galleries selected to exhibit in the 'NEW CONTEMPORARIES' section. The award consists of a special-edition, high-end designer wristwatch manufactured by Maurice Lacroix for ART COLOGNE. The winning gallery is also guaranteed sponsored exhibition space at ART COLOGNE 2014.

The independent art critic Dr. Astrid Mania was the winner of the 2013 ADKV-ART COLOGNE Preis für Kunstkritik [the ADKV-ART COLOGNE Prize for Art Criticism]. The Prize is worth EUR 3,000. Launched in 2006, it is jointly awarded by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine (ADKV) and ART COLOGNE.

An independent panel unanimously awarded this year's ADKV-ART COLOGNE Preis für Kunstvereine [the ADKV-ART COLOGNE Prize for Art Associations] to the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.). The Prize is worth EUR 8,000. Like the Prize for Art Criticism, it is jointly awarded by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Kunstvereine (ADKV) and ART COLOGNE.

The Cologne-based association 'Freunde der ART COLOGNE' funds the purchase of works for Cologne museumsIn 2013, three Cologne museums will benefit from acquisitions funded by the association. Purchases for the Museum Ludwig include a number of works by the American artist Richard Tuttle, a pencil drawing on paper by Walter de Maria, an installation titled 'Limp String' by the American artist and musician Tony Conrad and a studio-fresh installation by the Czech artist Dominik Lang. The Wallraf-Richartz-Museum will be getting a fine pencil drawing by Lovis Corinth - the first important work funded by the association - and the Museum Schnütgen will likewise be able to add an installation by Ann-Kristin Hamm titled 'Schmetterlingskasten 3' to its collection. 'Freunde der ART COLOGNE' celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

ART COLOGNE 2013: Summary of sales reported

Galerie Klaus Benden (Cologne)
Andy Warhol's 'Flowers' (EUR 35,000); limited-edition works by Gerhard Richter (totalling EUR 120,000); Tom Wesselmann drawings; a Tom Wesselmann sculpture (EUR 65,000); a work on paper by Anselm Kiefer; a number of works by Willi Siber

Bischoff Projects (Frankfurt)
A large-format photograph by Ryan McGinley ($40,000); a number of works by Michael Riedel

Blanket (Cologne)
Strong demand for all gallery artists; eight works by Johannes Bendzulla

Galerie Daniel Buchholz (Cologne/Berlin)
An Isa Genzken sculpture; a Tony Conrad installation (EUR 21,500)

Galerie Gisela Capitain (Cologne)
All the 'hanging work' by Karla Black at the stand; Elfie Semotan; drawings by Askan Pinckanelle; a work by Günther Förg

DREI (Cologne)
Abstract fabric works by Anna Virnich; pigment prints by Christian Freudenberger

Galerie Eigen + Art (Berlin/Leipzig)
Works in all categories; a drawing and a number of prints by Neo Rauch; paintings by Tim Eitel, Uwe Kowski and Birgit Brenner; a sculpture by Stella Hamberg (EUR 75,000); large-format works by David Schnell under negotiation

Galerie Fahnemann (Berlin)
Imi Knoebel's 'Mennige-Bild' (EUR 200,000); 12 drawings and studies by Raimund Girke; demand for work by Katharina Hinsberg; lively interest in the work of young artist Tanja Rochelmeyer

Galerie Karsten Greve (Cologne/Paris/St. Moritz)
Strong demand for work by emerging artists; a large number of three-dimensional works on paper by Georgia Russell; sculptural pieces by Claire Morgan; works by Paco Knöller

Galerie Barbara Gross (Munich)
Works by Katharina Grosse (EUR 46,000) and Sabine Hornig; strong interest in an installation by Carlos Garaicoa

Galerie Haas (Zurich)
Works by Heribert Ottersbach and Leiko Ikemura

Galeria Habana (Havana)
Topographies by Carlos Garaicoa

Hauser & Wirth (Zurich/London/New York)
A large number of works by Philipp Vandenberg (EUR 20,000 to EUR 60,000); in talks with a Rhineland museum over a film fragment by Christoph Schlingensief

Akira Ikeda Gallery (Berlin)
A Mel Bochner wall installation (EUR 600,000)

Johann König (Berlin)
Work by Katharina Grosse (EUR 32,000); a sculpture by Alicja Kwade (EUR 18,000); three works by Annette Kelm (EUR 8,500 each)

Galerie Konrad Fischer (Düsseldorf/Berlin)
A Tony Cragg sculpture; a portfolio of prints by Thomas Schütte; works by Juergen Staack and Ilse d`Hollander

Galerie Forsblom (Helsinki)
A Bernar Venet sculpture; large canvases by Secundino Hernández; in negotiations over a number of works

Galerie Klüser (Munich)
Large-format gold-leaf works on paper by Jorinde Voigt (EUR 29,000); strong interest in works by Jan Fabre made from iridescent jewel beetle shells

Galerie Koch (Hanover)
A large number of works; 'smoke' drawings by Otto Piene

Galerie Dorothea van der Koelen (Mainz/Venice)
A Bernar Venet sculpture (EUR 68,000); an object by Arne Quinze (EUR 58,000); a number of works by Lore Bert (EUR 10,000 to EUR 12,000)

Galerie Krinzinger (Vienna)
Canvases by Erik Schmidt (in the five-figure bracket) and Secundino Hernández; works on paper by Martin Walde (EUR 8,000)

L.A. Galerie - Lothar Albrecht (Frankfurt)
Good turnover in large-format photoworks by Michael Neubürger and in work by Peter Bialobzreski (EUR 7,500 to EUR 19,000)

Linn Lühn (Düsseldorf)
Seven works by William N. Copley; lively interest in abstract canvases by Christoph Schellberg

Galerie Löhrl (Mönchengladbach)
Gregor Schneider's 'Tote Sonne' from the 'Haus ur' project (EUR 50,000); paintings by Julia Rothmund (EUR 7,500 each); a Roman Kochanski painting; sculptures by Stephan Balkenhol

Galerie Ludorff (Düsseldorf)
A Max Ernst collage (EUR 150,000); work by Gerhard Richter, Karin Kneffel and Christopher Lehmpfuhl

Marlborough Contemporary (London)
A painting by Jason Brooks (GBP 100,000) to a British collector

Galerie Maulberger (Munich)
A museum-calibre painting by Fritz Winter (EUR 230,000); early works by Otto Piene (EUR 220,000) and Karl Otto Götz (EUR 110,000); a work by Herbert Zwangs dating from 1960 (EUR 66,000); a large number of works in the five-figure bracket

Hans Mayer (Düsseldorf)
A large Robert Longo canvas; a 2005 work by Gotthard Graubner; works by Paeffgen and Kienholz

Alexander Ochs Galleries (Berlin/Beijing)
Lu Song's painting titled 'Twilight Wanderers' (EUR 9,000)

Peres Projects (Berlin)
Three large-format works by David Ostrowski (EUR 12,500 each)

Power Galerie (Hamburg)
A large Carola Ernst canvas (EUR 5,200); five works by Stefan Pfeiffer

Thaddaeus Ropac (Salzburg/Paris)
A work by Robert Longo ($275,000); a James Rosenquist on reserve (EUR 900,000); works by Andreas Slominski (EUR 44,000) and Jack Pierson

Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie (Bielefeld)
Works by Heinz Mack (EUR 25,000 to EUR 150,000); a Botero painting titled 'Lovers' on reserve (EUR 690,000)

Aurel Scheibler (Berlin)
A Curt Stenvert object (EUR 10,000); drawings by Jonathan Bragdon (EUR 2,800)

Galerie Scheffel (Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe)
A Laura Ford sculpture titled 'Bedtime Boys'

Galerie Schlichtenmaier (Stuttgart/Grafenau)
Willi Baumeister's 'Figur frontal' (EUR 95,000); all the works by Julius Bissier on the stand (EUR 22,000 to EUR 28,000); an untitled work dating from 1967 by Horst Antes (EUR 9,500); Otto Ritschl's 'Komposition' (EUR 27,000)

Sies + Höke Galerie (Düsseldorf)
Work by Kris Martin, Jonathan Meese, Daniel Gustav Cramer and Andy Parker; photographs by Gusmão + Paiva

walter storms galerie (Munich)
A Gotthard Graubner colour-space body (EUR 280,000) to a German private collector; an Otto Piene (EUR 42,000) to an American collector; works by Shannon Finley (EUR 5,000) and Peter Krauskopf (EUR 5,000)

Galerie Thoman (Vienna)
Early works by Jürgen Klauke to a Cologne collection; works by Norbert Schwontkowski to the Kolumba art museum; coloured crayon drawings and sculptures by Tal R

Galerie Thomas (Munich)
A canvas by Rupprecht Geiger (EUR 42,000); a Tom Wesselmann (EUR 90,000); a Gotthard Graubner acrylic on millboard; a George Segal sculpture reserved ($485,000)

Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf (Frankfurt)
A photograph by Katharina Sieverding (EUR 38,000); photographs by Jörg Sasse; a group of ten works from Johanna Diehl's photo series titled 'Odessa'

Galerie Utermann (Dortmund)
An acrylic by Norbert Tadeusz titled 'Cavalli 1' (EUR 44,000)

V1 Gallery (Copenhagen)
Matthew Stone's 'Friendly Skirmishes' (EUR 5,100)

Edith Wahlandt Galerie (Stuttgart)
A 1965 painting by Rupprecht Geiger on reserve (EUR 220,000); a number of works by Katharina Hinsberg

Kunsthandel Michael Werner (Cologne)
A large-format canvas by Per Kirkeby (in the six-figure bracket); photographs by Jeff Cowen

Galerie Susanne Zander (Cologne)
Works by all four of the Outsider artists represented at the stand

Galerie Thomas Zander (Cologne)
A museum-calibre installation by Lothar Baumgarten (EUR 360,000) to a leading private collection; demand for work by Victor Burgin; works by all the other artists shown at the stand

Galerie David Zwirner (New York/London)
A painting by Yayoi Kusama ($500,000); photograms by Thomas Ruff (EUR 70,000); a large number of collages by Marcel Drama ($5,000 each)

10 - 13 April

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